Student blogging challenge activity (week 4)

Famine in Africa

Millions of people are experiencing hunger and famine in Africa. A combination of conflict, recurring severe drought, and high food prices are to blame. For about 100,000 people in South Sudan, it’s so bad the United Nations officially declared famine. Large areas of Somalia are on the edge of famine, too. Millions of children in Africa are actually undernourished and do not have anything to eat. This means that people are starving to death right now. But how did it get so far?

It is the result of several disruptive events that have led the affected communities to where they are now. Many of the countries in the region also have struggled with extreme poverty for decades and lack basic infrastructure to help their struggling families. Instability for farmers in South Sudan, for example, hinders crop production. That limits what is available at the market and raises food prices. Poor families then can’t afford enough food to keep their children healthy, and eventually they need emergency help when they run out of money and food.

We now know that famine exist but what is famine? Famine is the absolute worst-case scenario, and not all food crises are actually considered famine. Famine is when a community’s food crisis has so little food anywhere that it causes large-scale starvation, malnutrition, and death.

Although so many people are dying of famine every day the world has seen a big progress in fighting famine. There are many organizations which are collecting money for the starving people to provide them with food and improve their standard of living.

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