Final Exam

Save the human race

No responsibilities, no planning, no stress, just living for the moment. For most people living for the day appears to be something very desirable. Sadly but true such a live is not available for the most and just very few are able to live such a life.

People that are living the moment will unfortunately not succeed in their jobs and lives. The best paid jobs, for example working as a top banker, need plenty of planning. When you have many meetings with customers, you have to plan your day. Therefore it is impossible to get a job like that when you are unorganized. You will also face social struggles for the reason of not being able to make an arrangement with other people. They will soon be angry with you for not arriving on time plus stop the contact with you. The world does not need lazy people.

It has highest importance we provide the on living of our species. In the future the world will face big troubles which will be very hard to solve. But to make sure the human race will not die out from now on we have to pan our lives. However that means everyone has to adapt and start planning his day.

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